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What is the purpose of

This website is a community facility to allow free discussion and information exchange about all aspects within Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire. From voluntary services to employment, children’s activities to adult learning, we aim to better Birchwood by learning more about what you have to say, and by encouraging you to talk to other users and visitors on this site.

If you feel that there is a particular issue or project that you would like to see discussed, please contact us on and we will speak to you directly about any information we might have to help address your concerns.

Who manages

This site is managed by a committee comprised of members from The Birchwood Partnership and Birchwood Forum, two organisations working with (and for) residents and businesses within Birchwood.

Who are The Birchwood Partnership and Birchwood Forum?

Formed in April 2004, The Birchwood Partnership is a co-sponsor of The Birchwood Community Strategy, along with Birchwood Town Council and Birchwood Forum. The Birchwood Partnership is a network that brings together all sectors within the local community, as well as individual residents,  to reflect the cares and concerns of residents, community and voluntary organisations, businesses, and public service providers in the area.

 The partnership has benefitted by financial support from MEPC Birchwood Park, Frontis, Birchwood Shopping Centre (owned by Modus), Birchwood Forum, Birchwood Town Council, Serco Assurance and Birchwood YMCA.  Cheshire Police, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, Birchwood's schools, resident associations and various youth services continue to contribute to community activity through the The Birchwood Partnership network.

The Birchwood Partnership’s role is “to ensure pro-active interaction to enable all parties to participate equally in order to make Birchwood a better place in which to work and live.” Partnership Coordinator, Esstta Hayes, The Birchwood Partnership.

Birchwood Forum, established in 1996, is a forum born out of a desire to improve and maintain Birchwood as a vibrant economic community where everybody works in partnership, investing in the future together.

Birchwood Forum aims “to bring together private, public and community interests to address needs and issues associated with one of the North West's prime investment locations.” Chairman Peter Crompton, BE Group.

How does Birchwood Forum and TBP work?

Working in conjunction with each other, The Birchwood Partnership and Birchwood Forum representatives meet regularly to discuss, and put into action, plans for how Birchwood’s physical, structural and environmental issues can be improved and addressed.

We are firm believers in networking and communication, so that we may correctly identify, and help with, common community goals. Monthly meetings are often held by both parties to assess local projects and their progress, as well as discussing up-and-coming issues.

How do I become a member of these organisations?

For membership details of Birchwood Forum, you can contact them directly through their website at, through their Manager, Susan Spibey on

The The Birchwood Partnership however, holds no official membership format. If you work or live in Birchwood, you are already a verified member of The Birchwood Partnership. You can become a listed member by contacting the Partnership Coordinator, Esstta Hayes, at We will keep your details on file and will contact you with regular updates on meetings and community issues.

For more information, contact Esstta Hayes, Partnership Co-Ordinator, The Birchwood Partnership, Chadwick House, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6AE

Tel: 01925 827812
Fax: 01925 820373