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Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies are a group of health workers and volunteers from the local community who offer breastfeeding support and information. The volunteers include mums who have breastfed their own babies and can help you make the right feeding choice for you and your baby.

The group can offer:
* Support on the Labour Ward (skin to skin)
* Postnatal feeding support on Ward C23 (maternity) on a one to one basis.
* Breastfeeding support Groups
* Sure Start Centres (drop in groups)

The supporters are local women, most who have breastfed themselves, and want to help other mothers. They work both on maternity hospital wards and in the community by attending the bosom buddy support groups.

The volunteers attend a 13 week training course, have on-going supervision and a yearly assessment. There are currently 25 bosom buddy supporters.

These groups are run by breastfeeding champions, which include Health Visitors, Midwives, Staff Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Bosom Buddies who have been trained to offer support and advice for those mothers who choose to breastfeed.

Please note that the Children Centres are shut from Christmas Eve until 4th January 2016 with the exception of Woodlands which shuts the week before. The info below advertises where clients/patients can access breastfeeding support over the Christmas period. 

For more information, download the leaflets below.

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